A bottle that will take
your breath away.

An unrivaled flavor.
Our flagship in the finest quality.

Forerunner in the Finest Quality



Working together with Yamagata’s Tatenokawa Brewery - one of Japan’s finest - has produced our flagship sake, Byakko. Meticulously designed with the vision of achieving the apex of sake craft, Byakko is brewed with peerless technique. With Byakko, we pledge a superlative sake experience to all who seek only the finest.

Byakko received the coveted Gold Medal from among some 1,500 competitors at the May, 2019 International Wine Challenge - one of the most influential meetings of beverage makers in the world. Our flagship beverage additionally took the Platinum Award at the KuraMaster2019 meeting of approximately 100 sommeliers in France in June of the same year, where 720 beverages were judged. Byakko’s accolades speak to its unrivaled quality.


A Sumptuous Sake Journey

The attraction of Byakko is, above all, its unrivaled flavor.
A gentle and elegant aroma reminiscent of lily with notes of peach. Delicate like silk, with a smooth and serene texture. The clear, fresh sweetness, reminiscent of juicy plums, spreads gently on the tongue, with an elevated, clear, and fruity finish.

Byakko impresses and delights on its own. But to enjoy it with the perfect food pairing is to revel in its true splendor. This bottle’s elegant and luxurious flavors pair perfectly with modern cuisines, fusing flavors from the world over for an unforgettable dining experience.

Achieving the Pinnacle in Sake Quality

18% Polishing to Bring Delicate Flavors to Life

The story of Byakko begins with a number - 18%.

For half a month, the sake rice used to brew Byakko undergoes an exacting polishing process to produce an astoundingly clear flavor devoid of unwanted elements, yet subtly sweet and brimming with umami.

Polishing sake rice to such a degree is a fraught and challenging process. Only a rare few breweries in Japan are capable of producing 18% polish sake.

Organically Cultivated Rice for a Bottle with True Authenticity

Byakko’s ingredient rice, called “Dewasansan,” is farmed in Japan’s bountiful Yamagata Prefecture. No agricultural chemicals are used in its cultivation, and it is responsibly and laboriously farmed for an authentically organic product.

Organic farming is a battle with the elements. The rice farmers must tend to the fields by hand, nurturing the earth’s precious bounty to cultivate a true gift from the land itself, rich in umami and the pure flavor of the rice as mother nature intended.

Guaranteed Quality with Complete Climate Control

Sake quality is susceptible to the elements. It must be kept away from sunlight and stored at just the right temperature. Bottled Byakko is kept year-round in climate controlled storage at 0.5℃ in darkened rooms to guarantee unadulterated quality from tank to your door.


A Brewery Serious About Junmai Daiginjo

Tatenokawa Brewery


Tatenokawa Brewery was founded in 1832 in Yamagata Prefecture’s Sakata City. The City is part of the Shonai agricultural region, gifted with abundant, high-quality natural water sources and renowned as a sake producing hub. Tatenokawa has produced sake here for over 180 years.

Tatenokawa committed in 2010 to producing only junmai daiginjo sake, made with rice polished to 50% or less. Achieving this goal requires unprecedented skill and sake making technique, cementing Tatenokawa’s reputation as one of Japan’s premier breweries.

Tatenokawa Brewery has earned global prestige, winning awards across myriad Japanese and global competitions. The National Research Institute of Brewing, the Sake Competition and the International Wine Challenge have all recognized Tatenokawa’s brewing excellence.

Striving to become a world sake leader, Tatenokawa Brewery sells its brand in 26 countries across Europe and Asia to extensive praise. Tatenokawa stands poised to represent the forefront of a new era of global sake.

An unrivaled flavor.
Our flagship in the finest quality.

Forerunner in the Finest Quality



百光 -byakko-
Tatenokawa (Yamagata Pref.)
Yamagata Dewasansan
(100% Organic)
Amino Acid Value
*SMV(Sake Meter Value):a general indicator of sake's dryness. The higher the number is in the positive, the drier the sake is. On the contrary, lower numbers, including negative figures, indicate a sweeter flavor profile.


※Underage consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law.